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Podcast launch + growth strategy for bold business owners ready to become the orca of their industry's ocean (aka the biggest, baddest, most big-hearted thing around)

Did reading that make you shudder, want to slam shut your laptop, and buy a one-way ticket to a mountain cabin with no reception to escape this online nonsense? Then you’re my kinda person.

Run-of-the-mill. Formulaic. Cookie-cutter. Typical.

IF YOU want to:

Stand out

Show you’re unique (without *actually* saying unique, since that’s anything but) without doing the same entrepreneur podcast that everyone else is doing.

Show off your chops

Build that elusive A-word (*cough* authority *cough*) your way, letting not just what you know, but also your true personality, shine as it should.

Shatter that ceiling

Where you're at is comfy, but you're ready for an upgrade. Snag the attention of the media, event producers, book agents, or anyone else on your wishlist!

All while making a real difference in your listeners' lives?

Then I’m your kinda person too.

not about

Analysis paralysis,
tech overwhelm,
thinly-veiled sales pitches, hollow "likes", launching to crickets,


Human connection,
genuinely good content, attracting attention, deep convos, being true to yourself, having fun

all about


The recipe:


Hit a nerve and be of value to your listeners


Stories are 22 times more memorable than just facts


Personalized to you & your biz – no copy & paste

Grab your hot beverage of choice (milk with coffee for me ;)) and let’s map out how you can reach your podcast goals – no pressure or strings attached:

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After launching my first podcast in 2017, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve not only become a serial podcaster, but have also helped a bunch of awesomesauce people & orgs to launch and grow theirs as a podcast strategist.

My jam is making unheard voices get the attention they deserve by co-creating unconventional and unpretentious podcasts that turn ears.

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Is your creativity gasping for air? The Creating in the Margins podcast is your lifeline: Meet diverse creatives making their passion projects a reality in the margins of their lives. 

Feed your muse & reignite your creativity

Start here:

Chitra Natarajan, childbirth educator + host of the "Baby Ahoy" podcast

"I had somebody telling me, the first time I actually met her (she’s doing my course), ‘I binge-listened to all the podcast episodes.’"

Chitra established herself as a subject-matter expert

This could be you....

Neža Krek, Facilitator & Learning Designer + host of the "Fresh Forward" podcast

"Kat's gentle and firm guidance kept me from overthinking. Launching my podcast in just a couple of months has been one of my biggest achievements of the year!" 

Neža had binge-listeners from day one

Laura Lloyd, Food Psychology Coach + host of the “Hi Food, I'm Home!” podcast

"I now have a marketing channel where people can get to know me as a coach, and prospective clients are telling me that they've been listening, and they are ready to work with me."

Laura got 30+ reviews during her podcast launch



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