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I’m a journalist & marketer turned storyteller & podcaster. After launching my first podcast in 2017, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve not only become a serial podcaster but have helped a bunch of awesomesauce people & orgs not to just ride the audio wave, but to create their own as a podcast strategist. If making something that’s genuinely GOOD and not just a thinly-veiled sales pitch is what you’re into, we’re each other's kind of person. 

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Creating in the Margins

Why creative expression is worth investing in with Cassandra Le

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Is there a topic you’re super passionate about that you feel isn’t getting covered enough or properly? Feel like your unique perspective is missing, but don’t feel ready to jump in the ring?

Brand Strategist & Content Marketer Cassandra Le was in the same spot. After months of standing on the sidelines though, they decided to do something about it and launched the “I’m lost, so what?” podcast to explore the nuances of “belonging” and carving your own path as multicultural, hyphenated folx.

If you too are wondering how to step up and use your voice, this episode is for you: Tune in as we deconstruct Cassandra’s journey to uncover why creative expression is a fab life (and yes, even business) goal worth investing in.

We dig into:

  • What the frequency illusion is and why it’s a good thing if you’re experiencing it
  • The key step that’ll help you get clarity and take action
  • How focusing on having fun and what’s in it for you is not selfish, but actually super helpful
  • Why investing in your idea, even if – or actually, especially if – it’s “just” for you makes all the difference

Getting motivated to create or grow your own podcast, but getting stuck on the HOW? If you’re a bold business owner ready to leverage a podcast to become the orca of your industry’s ocean (aka the biggest, baddest, most big-hearted thing around), I’ve got you: Grab your hot beverage of choice (milk with coffee for me ;)) and let’s map out how you can reach your podcast goals. Book a free game plan call – no pressure or strings attached:

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Featured in this episode:

Cassandra Le (she/they)

Cassandra is a first-generation Vietnamese-American, immigrant living in Spain. She works as a Brand Strategist & Content Marketer and runs her marketing agency, The Quirky Pineapple Studio for DEI, Leadership, & Culture brands, from her home office in Toledo, Spain. She is also the host of the podcast “I’m lost, so what?” exploring the nuances of “belonging” and carving your own path as multicultural, hyphenated folx. When not working, you can find her exploring neighborhood cafés, watching trailers of movies on YouTube (that she’ll never watch), or learning to knit and crochet (her goal is to make her own clothes)!

Website | Podcast | Quirky Pineapple Studio’s Instagram | Cassandra’s Instagram | LinkedIn

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