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I’m a journalist & marketer turned storyteller & podcaster. After launching my first podcast in 2017, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve not only become a serial podcaster but have helped a bunch of awesomesauce people & orgs not to just ride the audio wave, but to create their own as a podcast strategist. If making something that’s genuinely GOOD and not just a thinly-veiled sales pitch is what you’re into, we’re each other's kind of person. 

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Creating in the Margins

6 social media challenges to conquer to boost your creativity + mental health

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Users are thinking about it even when not using it. Their mood is changed when on it. They need to get more and more of it to get the same happy hit. They have fights about its use. And, when trying to quit, have withdrawal symptoms and often relapse.

What is “it”? Social media.

Now, before you tune out: No, this is not a sermon on the evils of social media. Like most things, it’s not a black-and-white issue.

Case in point: After 9 months off social media, I’m dipping back in. Is it a relapse? A doomed-to-fail-test? Or an intentional re-engagement? I’d like to think it’s the latter – but I can’t be sure. 

If, like me, you’re unsure about your relationship with social media – whether to call it quits, have a break, or try to work it out – this episode is for you. 

Tune in to discover how mental health expert Daria, Influencer Marketing Consultant Christo, and I are conquering six social media challenges to help you boost your creativity and mental health – practical tips included.

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Featured voices in this episode:

Daria Kyrilova (she/her)

Daria is a Russian-born, UK-and-Spain-raised Berliner. By day, she helps badass Millennials bounce back from tough experiences through coaching; helps purpose-driven startups develop great cultures by hiring the right talent; and helps folks improve their mental health literacy for topics like resilience, trauma, and burnout. By night, she is a self-taught cook and food writer who loves to prep food in restaurant kitchens and document her own culinary experiments on her food blog.

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Christo (they/them)

Christo, 28, energetic, active, mindful human queer & non-binary living in Berlin – even though originally French. Fashion, people, emotions & nature-driven. I work as Head of Influencer Marketing for a D2C brand here in Berlin. Out of that, even though I’m on a break right now, I create content, at least I try, and would love to keep working on an activism project here and online that is eco-queer feminism driven. I like to tell stories, it started with mine.


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