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Is your creativity gasping for air?

Zoom calls. Perfectionism. Walking the dog. Feeling like a fraud. Between busy schedules and inner demons, creativity is easily smothered. The Creating in the Margins podcast is your antidote.


Tune into the bi-weekly episodes to:

Hear interviews with diverse creatives making their passion projects a reality in the margins of their lives.

They’re also not just creating in the margins of their lives, but they (or the topics they cover) are also often marginalized, making it all the more important we hear and see them.

Plus, I – your host, storyteller and globetrotter Kat Brendel - slay pesky doubts alongside you, covering everything from feeling like a shadow artist to toxic productivity in solo episodes.

Psssst! Stick around to the very, very end of each episode to get a laugh from bloopers and outtakes.

From painting to writing, creating stuff has always been my jam. In the last few years though, I noticed that I started teaching more than doing. Not only a big no-no in my book, but it also left me feeling hollow and a tiny bit like a phony.

Getting back on the horse was easier said than done, though. There were loads of starts and stops. But along the way, I met a bunch of peeps – from fellow podcasters to poets and videographers – that often felt in the same pickle: How to give creativity space when it’s holding up a handwritten poster in a sea of neon signs pulling your focus everywhere else.

That’s why I created the Creative in the Margins podcast: To feed our muse & reignite our creativity.

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