"But will it work for me?"

I'm of course jumping up and down screaming "YES!" to that Q because I firmly believe everyone has something valuable to say. But instead of telling you that, let me show you. Hear straight from the coaches, educators, consultants, (small) businesses, and other entrepreneurs who I've collaborated with to create a podcast that makes waves, gets their dream people onboard, and opens up new horizons.

“I had somebody telling me, the first time I actually met her (she’s doing my course), ‘I binge-listened to all the podcast episodes.”

Chitra Natarajan, childbirth educator + host of the "Baby Ahoy" podcast

“Without Kat, I think the likelihood that I would have launched is very low, and it would have taken me much longer.”

Parul Goel, Director of Product Management at Indeed + host of the “Unseen Battles” podcast

“Kat knows her stuff. She’s very clear, and she’s open to what works for you.”

Susan de Vriend, Heart Whispering Mystic & Coach + host of the “Guided Rebooted” podcast

“Kat really pushed me to think about my podcast in a different way. And that outside fresh perspective was something that I really, really needed.”

Ginny Krauss, Greatness Coach + host of the “Brave New You” podcast

Megan Thudium, content agency founder

"Kat provides A LOT of great value and teaches it so well. It’s thorough, helpful, and actionable. Plus, you get all these great templates! Kat also covers so many important marketing/business basics that are important for generic business growth. Many things that can be crossapplied."

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Paulien, business coach for sustainable entrepreneurs & changemakers

"I like that Kat gives various options. So you can choose, and it’s also practical, explaining how to do it and what to think about – I really like that."

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Jessica, website designer

"I always love getting a fresh perspective on my content, and I loved the ideas that Kat brought! Definitely recommend her."

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Mariana, Instructional Designer

"On top of being an expert in her field, Kat is a great teacher! She gave me very cool personal examples, made all uncomplicated and easy to handle. So even when 'tech is not your thing' or 'I've never done this before' she's got your back."

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Julia, Digital Leadership Coach

"I started a podcast 8 months ago, and I did a lot of things just intuitively. Kat gave me super valuable tips and tricks on how to bring more strategy to my podcast while keeping the focus on the listeners."

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Monica , Product & eCommerce Strategist

"I had no idea where to start, and what to say. It felt really overwhelming. Kat just broke it down into really simple steps, with tips on how to approach things. She answered all my questions specific to my situation. I totally feel like I can do this now. "

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Silja, Team Coach

"Kat always had a common thread that she guided me along, but also adapted it to all the points that were important to me. I also found the connection between theory and practice really helpful: How to do it, how to structure it, how to achieve a result efficiently. She also didn’t let me back out, but forced me – in a charming, loving way – to succeed."

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Melissa, Food Network Chef

"Kat is aaaaaaammmazing. She is a powerhouse and has such a wealth of knowledge, but she provides simple solutions designed to make podcasting easy… Brava Kat! "

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