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I’m a journalist & marketer turned storyteller & podcaster. After launching my first podcast in 2017, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve not only become a serial podcaster but have helped a bunch of awesomesauce people & orgs not to just ride the audio wave, but to create their own as a podcast strategist. If making something that’s genuinely GOOD and not just a thinly-veiled sales pitch is what you’re into, we’re each other's kind of person. 

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Creating in the Margins

4 strategies to fight comparisonitis

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Comparisonitis: The compulsion to compare yourself in what you’re doing with others to determine where you rank. 

Yeah, sounds as fun as it is! 

Comparisonitis is not just decidedly unfun, but it’s also a bona fide creativity killer. I experienced it first hand: For a year and a half, it tortured me and stalled my progress on a podcast idea I’d been on fire about AND had already started to put into motion!

But no little red thought devils will stop me from making my passion project come alive, and they shouldn’t stop you from pursuing yours either:

In this episode, uncover the 4 strategies two bomb women, graphic designer & health coach Oriana Guedez and sales development manager Natalie Turner, and I use to fight comparisonitis.

Want to be one of the featured voices on the podcast? There’s an easy-peasy way to do that! Leave me a voice note about your challenges with creating in the margins + any and all tips you might have!

One of the biggest things that kickstarts my creativity is being inspired by others – especially by seeing the gritty behind-the-scenes of their journey! If that sounds right up your alley, check out MasterClass. You get to learn straight from world-class instructors: From Roxane Gay teaching writing for social change to Issa Rae’s class on creating outside the lines. Fall in love with Masterclass like I have AND support this podcast (at no extra cost to you). Happy learning!

Featured voices in this episode:

Oriana Guedez (she/her)

I’m from Caracas, Venezuela. I have been living in Berlin for 8 years now (wow!). I’m a graphic designer and health coach, currently working in the world of online gambling games (yes, crazy hahaha) and raising my brand new baby Gabriel, he is 4 months old, and having him is the greatest challenge yet. I had a very difficult pregnancy that forced me to stop everything I was doing and concentrate only on the top priorities, I lost control of everything, and that in itself made me evolve into this version of myself, one that I’m still getting to know.

Natalie Turner (she/her)

I’m Natalie. I’ve been living in Berlin for the last 6 years with my family and newly adopted dog. Previously we lived in Budapest. I joined Contentful as their Manager of Sales Development for DACH.

Danelle Cloutier (they/them)

I’m a queer, award-winning journalist and audio engineer. Currently working as a podcast producer and editor. I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I’m living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Before settling here, I lived in Southern California and Germany. I just launched my own podcast called Stranger Than Usual, where I bring listeners to exceptional locations around the world to get to the heart of people in places of history. From war bunkers in Germany to Vancouver’s first morgue, we’ll tour inside these spaces and learn how people today deal with delicate stories of the past that affect the present. These significant places hold clues to how we got here, where we’re at and where we might go or shouldn’t go.

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